The CARE Volunteer Advocates Program

The CARE Volunteer Advocates Program is a volunteer advocates program that trains and then matches volunteers to serve, on behalf of CARE, as the guardian for an incapacitated adult.  In that role the volunteer maintains regular contact with the incapacitated adult, directs their health care, attends and participates in care plan conferences, and otherwise takes steps to ensure that the services being provided for the incapacitated adult by health care providers are appropriate and designed to maximize the incapacitated person's quality of life.  

The program is approved by the Marion County (Indianapolis) Probate Court as a "volunteer advocates for seniors and incapacitated adults" (VASIA) program under Indiana Code 29-3-8.5.  CARE staff provide support for the volunteers in fulfilling their duties.

Program Criteria

The CARE Volunteer Advocates Program is not capable of accepting all referrals.  Certain criteria for case acceptance must be met.


Become a Volunteer Advocate

CARE is currently accepting applications to become a Volunteer Advocate.  Click here for a copy of the Volunteer Advocate Application.

The CARE Family Guardian Program

The CARE Family Guardian Program is designed to provide pro bono or low-cost legal representation to suitable family members or friends willing and able to serve as guardian for an incapacitated adult.  To qualify for this program the incapacitated adult and the proposed guardian (if a lineal ancestor or descendant of the incapacitated person) must meet certain financial eligibility criteria.

Program Criteria

Unfortunately, this program is currently suspended until such time that further funding is received to offer it again.  Keep track of the "News" section of this website for further developments.